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A one-stop shop for all foodies, whether looking for on premise relaxed dining, large & small plates, wine and cheese, pastries and confections, picking up the ingredients and accoutrements for preparing meals at home or purchasing ready to heat and eat gourmet foods, wines and desserts for entertaining.

Quiche, Grilled Vegetables & Bruschetta

the Owner

Pro’s cooking experience extends throughout his life, personally and professionally. Having grown up in an Italian family, he was cooking from an early age with multiple generations. Pro attended classes at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park. Professionally he has worked at fine restaurants in Long Island, Manhattan and Pennsylvania as well as being mentored by numerous talented executive chefs. His experience extends to food establishments including country clubs, catering operations, steakhouses and four star restaurants. He enjoyed a successful 30+ year career in the newspaper industry working at papers throughout New York State before retiring from the industry as President and Publisher in 2016 to return to his first love; cooking!



Pro’s Epicurean Market & Café is the epitome of passion for food, family and celebration. Growing up in an Italian family in the ‘70’s in NY, the focus was always family, life and food. Meals were always at the table and were always at least an hour long sharing the day’s experiences and the great homemade meals my mother made daily. Mom would never allow a tv on or a tv dinner. Holiday meals were epic 10-12-hour marathons with extended family with multiple courses; antipasti, pasta, meat and fish courses, vegetables, starches, all paired with wines and then of course endless varieties of nuts, fruits, confections, desserts, pastries and espresso and coffee. All generations sat at the table, the older at the head of the table to the younger children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at the other end. Through the years, your position slowly moved toward the head of the table; good for you, not so good for the previous tenant. The cooks changed through the years, holding onto the favorite recipes while introducing new ones. Traditions of food, stories, songs, laughter and love were all shared at the table and have carried on from generation to generation to this day. It is truly the seams of our family fabric that we all share. Be it a holiday, a baptism, a birthday, wedding, graduation, any good excuse for a party, the family came together as one to celebrate family and life, and of course food!



Pro's one passion has always been eating, experiencing and cooking food with friends and family. Now Pro is blessed to be able to do so professionally and share it with many! Pro’s Epicurean Market and Café is a dream come true; to let everyone into his kitchen, so we can all share our passion, tastes and experiences of food as well as life!

Bon Appetit!

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Mozzarella, Wine, Focaccia, Seafood Salad, Broccoli Rabe & Veal